Student Representative | Policy 1513 & Policy 7460

The School District may offer to the voters once every two years, on the same date as the annual School District budget vote, a separate referendum to decide whether the School District shall allow a student, as established pursuant to law, to serve on the School Board as an ex officio, non-voting member.

Provided that District voters have voted in favor of having a student serve as a member of the School Board, the School District will allow a District high school student (to be selected in accordance with the provisions enumerated below) to serve as an ex officio member of its Board of Education. This ex officio student member of the Board shall be entitled to sit with Board members at all public meetings of the Board and participate in all Board hearings and meetings.

This ex officio student member of the Board would not have a vote, would not be allowed to attend executive sessions, and would not be entitled to receive compensation of any form for participating at Board meetings.

The ex officio student member of the Board shall be the student that has been duly elected as student president of the high school. In the event that there are multiple high schools in the School District, then the school shall alternate their student presidents annually. The first high school would be chosen by the Superintendent of Schools.

In the event that the high school does not have an elected student president, then the high school student government shall select their choice for an ex officio student member representative in a public ballot. In the event the high school does not have an elected student president or a student government, then the high school principal shall select a student to serve as the ex officio student representative on the School Board. Under this provision, the student selected would have to be at least 18 years old, a senior at the high school, and attend the high school for at least two years prior to their selection.

Education Law Sections 1702(3) and (3-a), 1804(12) and (12-a), and 2502(10) and (10-a)

Adopted 05/22/95 Revised 10/20/03