Public Participation at Board Meetings | Policy 1510

The Board encourages public participation at Board Meetings. At the beginning and end of each
meeting, the President or Acting President may ask for brief comments from the public and set a
time of a maximum of three (3) minutes for each speaker. So as to not encumber the Board’s
operations, the time allotted for public participation, at the beginning and end of the meeting,
will not exceed fifteen (15) minutes for each session, unless otherwise allowed by the President
or Acting President. Persons wishing to speak should identify themselves, any organization they
may be representing at the meeting, their residence, and the agenda topic they wish to discuss (if
during the first comment session). Comments should be kept as brief as possible and, for the
first comment session, relate to the current board meeting agenda. Comments during the second
comment session need not relate to an agenda item.

The Board does not permit comment regarding individual employees or students during public
comment periods. Anyone wishing to discuss a particular employee or student matter, should
direct such concern to the Superintendent of Schools or other appropriate administrator.

Board members shall listen to each speaker’s remarks, but no response will generally be given or
action taken during public comment. The board will record all comments and may refer specific
comments to the Superintendent for appropriate follow up and action. The board encourages
members of the public who want a response to a specific question to consider alternative means
of communication such as email, phone, or postal mail.

All members of the public shall conduct themselves in a civil manner. Anyone acting or speaking
in a disruptive manner or in an inappropriate manner will be directed to cease such behavior.
Failure to comply with such direction may result in being removed from the meeting.

On behalf of the Board, the Board President or Acting President shall ensure the orderly conduct
of the board meeting, and shall, at the direction of the board, rule on such matters as the time to
be allowed for public discussion and the appropriateness of the subject being presented. The
Board President or Acting President, acting on behalf of the board, shall discontinue any
presentation which violates this policy.

Adopted: 04/24/1995
Revised: 10/22/2015
Revised: 03/26/2018