Appointments & Designations by the Board of Education | Policy 1330

The Board of Education recognizes its obligation to hold annual reorganizational meeting. The purpose of the reorganizational meeting shall be to elect officers of the Board and make the proper appointments and designations of other district employees for proper management of the school district during the school year. The Board shall also perform such annual functions as are designated by law.

The annual reorganizational meeting of the Board of Education shall be held on the first Tuesday in July, or on Wednesday, if Tuesday is a legal holiday.

The meeting shall be called to order by the previous Board President or his/her designee, who shall preside until the election of a new president. The order of business to be conducted at the organization meeting shall include the following items required or implied by state law and/or regulation:

I. Administration of Oath

The District Clerk shall administer the oath of office to newly-elected Board members. Such oath shall conform to Article XII-1 of the Public Officers Law; the Clerk shall countersign the oath. No new Board member shall be permitted to vote until he/she has taken the oath of office.

II. Election of Officers

The Board shall elect a president and vice-president for the ensuing year, and administer the oath of office to them. A majority of all members of the Board shall be necessary for a valid election.

III. Appointment of Officers

The Board shall appoint and the Board President administer the oath of office to the following officials:

  • District Treasurer
  • Clerk of the Board
  • Internal Claims Auditor
  • Deputy Treasurer
  • Tax Collector

IV. Other Appointments

The Board shall appoint and establish the stipend (if any) for the following positions:

  • School Physician
  • Census Enumerator
  • School Dentist
  • District Auditor
  • Asbestos Designee
  • General Treasurer, Extraclassroom Activity Account
  • Title IX/Section 504 Hearing Officer(s)
  • School Attorney
  • Attendance Officer
  • Insurance Consultant
  • Records Access Officer
  • Records Management Officer

V. Bonding of Personnel

The Board may bond the following personnel handling district funds:

  • District Clerk
  • Tax Collector
  • School Attorney
  • Internal Claims Auditor
  • District Treasurer
  • Central Treasurer of Student Activity Account
  • Business Manager
  • School Attorney
  • Internal Claims Auditor
  • Deputy Treasurer

The Board may, in each instance, specify the amount of the bond it intends to obtain.

The Board may, rather than bond individuals, include any of the above officers in a blanket undertaking, pursuant to law and Commissioner’s regulations.

VI. Designations

The Board shall designate:

Official depositories for district funds
Official district newspapers

The Board shall fix the day and hour for the holding of regular meetings, which shall be at least once each month while school is in session, in the rooms provided for the Board, unless otherwise ordered by the Board.

VII. Authorizations:

a. of person to certify payrolls
b. of school purchasing agent
c. of attendance at conferences, conventions, workshops, etc., with designated expenses
d. to establish petty cash funds (and to set amount of such funds)
e. to designate authorized signatures on checks
f. of Superintendent of Schools to approve budget transfers

VIII. Other Items:

a. CSE
c. establish rate for mileage reimbursement
d. substitute rates
e. non-resident tuition rates
f. reaffirm current policies
g. other

The Board shall conduct general business at this meeting before it adjourns, if it so desires.

Adopted 07/02/96
Amended 10/22/07