Nomination & Election of Board Officers | Policy 1320

At the annual organizational meeting the clerk of the Board of Education may serve as chairperson of the election for officers. All members of the Board are eligible for election as president and vice-president. In case any one candidate fails to get a majority, voting continues until a majority vote is secured.

Term of Office

By statute, the term of office for Board officers is set at one year.

Removal of Board Officer

The office of Board president or vice-president is a separate and distinct office from that of Board member. Consequently, a Board officer continues to hold office until the next annual meeting irrespective of any change in the membership of the Board, and may not be removed from that office during his or her term, except pursuant to removal proceedings as required to remove Board members.

Ref. Education Law Sections 1701, 2105(6), 2502, 2504, 2553, 2563,2590-b
New York State Constitute Article 13 Section 2

Adopted 07/02/96