Powers & Duties of the Board | Policy 1310

The Board of Education of the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District recognizes its dual function in representing both the State of New York and the voters of the School District.

The Board is aware that it derives its duties and powers from the Legislature of the State of New York. It shall fulfill the mandates of the residents of the district by carrying out their desire for high standards of education consistent with their willingness and ability to support it through taxation.

The Board of Education shall function as a corporate unit of government within the framework of State Law. It shall have all the duties and powers conferred by the New York State Education Law, the Local Finance Law, the Public Officers Law and such other powers as may be necessary to discharge its duties and responsibilities. Within the constraints of law and regulation, the Board views its duties to fall within the following areas:

1. Legislative and policymaking. The Board is responsible for the development of policy as guides for administrative action and for employing a Superintendent to implement its policies.
2. Appraisal. The Board is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of its policies and their implementation.
3. Provision of financial resources. The Board is responsible for adoption of a budget which will provide the wherewithal–in terms of buildings, staff, materials, and equipment–which will enable the school system to carry out the Board’s policies.
4. Public relations. The Board is responsible for providing adequate and direct means for keeping the local citizenry informed about the schools and for keeping itself and the school staff informed about the needs and wishes of the public.
5. Educational planning and evaluation. The Board is responsible for establishing educational goals which will guide both the Board and the staff in working together toward the continuing improvement of the educational program. It is responsible for providing the ongoing evaluation of the school program against the goals and objectives set forth by the Board and by the State Board of Education.

The Board of Education recognizes the duty of the State in setting certain minimum educational standards, yet reaffirms its faith in the principle of local control and expansion of educational facilities and programs. The Board recognizes the inspectional functions of the State, yet is aware that the local responsibility rests with the Board.

The Board assumes entire responsibility for all policies and decisions within the scope of its proper powers.