School District & Board of Education Legal Status | Policy 1110

The Fonda-Fultonville Central School District Board of Education is a body corporate created under the laws of the State of New York to direct the district schools. Any liability it incurs is thereby a liability of the corporation and not that of the Board members as individuals. Moreover, as a corporate entity, the legality of its contracts is not based on the official life of its members.

The members of a Board are considered state officials when performing duties with respect to educational matters as set forth by State Education Law and the New York State Constitution. In exercising their authority and performing their duties, Board members act not as private individuals but as agents of the State. A Board’s powers and duties are derived from the State Legislature, and it may perform only those acts for which some
statutory authority exists.

Ref. Education Law ยงยง1701-1702; 1804(1); 2101(1), (2); 2105; 2502; 2551; 2552; 2590-b

Adopted 07/02/96