Buy your high school yearbook today

Want to buy a high school yearbook? There are two ways to buy. Yearbooks are $50 and orders are being accepted through Feb. 14. Order online with a credit or debit card Go to and enter School Code: 13891. Purchase with cash or check Drop off cash or a check in the main office in … Continue reading “Buy your high school yearbook today”

Judges needed for FFA contest at FFCS

The Fonda-Fultonville FFA is recruiting volunteers to judge the District 5 FFA event on Saturday, Feb. 1 beginning at 9 a.m. Sign-up online at The district FFA events are much like a “sectional” competition, where middle and high school students from more than 15 FFA chapters will compete in various contests. More than 150 … Continue reading “Judges needed for FFA contest at FFCS”