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Ag Fair showcases student work

An older student teaches younger students
Sarah Keehan talks to elementary students about rabbit care at the Ag Fair.

Our 4th Annual Ag Fair on May 21 featured lots of animals, farm equipment and, most of all, exhibits and demonstrations.

Many of the projects were related to fields our students may one-day pursue. In addition to outside guests, elementary classes and other students toured the fair and learned about a variety of animals, tractors and more.

Sarah Keehan, who is in 10th grade, did a project about rabbits and rabbit care and her exhibit, which she did with her friend Catherine, was particularly popular with the elementary students.

“I think it’s really fun, showing them how much they can learn,” Keehan said.

Younger students hold their hands in the air while an older student answers questions
Elementary students were full of questions at the Ag Fair.

Keehan remarked about how there was a wide-range of exhibits by the Ag Science and FFA students.

“I think it shows how diversified FFA can be. It’s not just animals, it’s machinery, everything,” she said.

Keehan said she loves animals and wants to be a vet tech someday.

A student holds a sheep while talking to a group of other students
Even some of our older students were able to tour the Ag Fair and test the knowledge of our exhibitors.