Fonda-Fultonville is ranked 13th of 84 schools by Albany Business Review

The Fonda-Fultonville Central School District was ranked 13th out of 84 school districts in the Albany Business Review’s 2017 schools report. This represents the highest ranking of all districts in the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery region.

According to the business review, school district rankings are based on the most recent data available by the New York State Education Department as of June 12. All kindergarten through 12th-grade districts in the greater 11-county Capital Region are included in the district rankings. The district’s ranking increased from 17th last year to 13th this year.

The rankings take into account five categories: Language and reading; social studies; science; math; and a category that measures graduation rates and outcomes. Graduation is a weighted score that takes into account the percentage of students who graduated with a Regents diploma with an advanced designation, the percentage of high school completers and the percentage of seniors who plan to attend college or some form of post-secondary school.

“My hope is our families and community are proud of their school district and know we are always doing everything we can to support their children and partner with them,” Superintendent of Schools Thomas Ciaccio said.