Elementary school holds inaugural spelling bee

Four third graders sit in front of 'spelling bee' sign

Fonda-Fultonville Elementary School held its inaugural spelling bee on March 29, featuring participation from students in grades K-4. Congratulations to all of the winners!

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List of all participants

These students each won the right to compete by being the best spellers in their classes.


  • Lucas Polsinelli
  • Kenzie Nelson
  • Ava Yurkewecz
  • Harper Kruger
  • Lucas Carpenter

First Grade

  • Olivia Walton – Bolton
  • Luke Walton – Carey/Servant
  • Keegan Wemple – Hicks
  • Jullien Cyr – Garguilo
  • Liana Thum – Wolf

Second Grade

  • Anthony Deknikker
  • Natalie Wemple
  • Brooke Mormile
  • Emmalee Post

Third Grade

  • Mason Schriner
  • Jordan Moore
  • Loryn Millington
  • Juliana Edgar

Fourth Grade

  • Austin VanAvery
  • Gabriella Teserio
  • Karina DeMallie
  • Sierra Chipps